Circle Modern Dance has been providing fun and affordable adult dance education in Knoxville for over thirty years.


It is the mission of Circle Modern Dance to provide an opportunity for area choreographers, dancers, musicians and performance artists to showcase their work.

It is our philosophy that everyone is a dancer, and every body has the right to dance.

Board of Directors
Executive Board

Klay Brooks, President
Louisa Rader, Vice President
Lydia Alford, Treasurer


Amelea Everett
Sarah Whitaker

Advisory Board

Balasz Sipos
Claire Barratt
Jeff Christmas
John Frey
Kim Matibag
Laura Howes
Dr. Mary Alford
Maria McGuire
Whitney Ray-Dawson
Ruth Horton

Core Members

Louisa Rader
Lisa Duffin
Kelly Arsenault
Kelly Rhyne
Lydia Alford
Darby O’Connor
Megan Wolfkill
Sarah Patchen
Amelea Everett